When is the flu season?

Here in Florida, the flu season typically lasts October through May, with most flu cases occurring in January and February.

The good news is that influenza vaccines can be given at any time, even later in the season (December through March), and still help protect you from influenza.


Who should get vaccinated?

Most people should get the flu vaccine, but especially those of you who are older, or have multiple medical problems.

What types of vaccines are available at Doctor's Urgent Care Walk in Clinic?

Doctors Urgent Care carries flu vaccines in addition to vaccines for Hepatitis B, Tetanus/diphtheria and ppd testing for Tuberculosis

How much is the flu vaccine?

As a service to our patients, flu vaccines are only $20 if paid cash at time of service. Many insurances do cover the flu vaccine in full.

I am not feeling well. Can I still get my flu vaccine?

Though you can receive the flu vaccine if ill without a fever, we discourage it. Be aware that the vaccine does take a few weeks to give its full protective effect.

I was vaccinated last year. Why do I need to do it again this year?

The flu mutates every year. The flu vaccine changes every year with the virus; therefore, a new vaccine is required every year.